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MIND DESIGN / Mindset moves mountains...

CORPORATE - Here's our website

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Our mission is to offer durable solutions to support the well-being, engagement and performance of the organizations we accompany. We foster agile mindsets and behaviours that liberate the potential within all new forms of collaboration

COACHING - System d'Alignement NeuroEmotionnel (SANE)

SANE is an innovative and impactful set of exercices that can help you to maintain a state of well-being whatever your external circumstances. With regular practice my clients find emotional balance and liberate their potential to achieve their objectives in a state of enthusiasm and joy rather than fear or forcing. SANE can transform your life!

The SANE Institute is an amazing experience that I would highly recommend to anyone looking for a transformational approach to add to their toolkits. Emotional balance is such an important attribute in today's fast-paced environments, SANE catalyses other approaches whether you are a coach, entrepreneur, teacher or involved in change management. Find out more on the institute's website :

Specialist in accompanying our future leaders, big or small, I provide one to one coaching for a limited number of youngsters and adults, in English or French. Here's what Josette thinks about SANE...

ONLINE - Trouvez ton pourquoi BY DESIGN

"BY Design" is an online programme that helps people find or change direction.  Based on the principles of ikigai, you'll determine what motivates you and where your potential lies.


When we know why we're doing something our enthusiasm is refuelled and we find sense in our day to day actions.

ONLINE - Starting Blocks

SANE for pre-ados and ados. This programme supports them to establish their own well-being routine.

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