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Starting the year with confidence

What a wonderful opportunity to be invited to give the opening address at Ermitage International School!

Here's the introduction :

"I'm so delighted to be here with you today! I hope you had a wonderful summer and you're ready, and enthusiastic for this new year that's starting. Maybe? Maybe not? Whatever you feel, it's ok, but know that either way it's the next part of your adventure, because life is an adventure.... !

So, I'd like to take you on a journey.... lets fast forward to 2093... how old will you be? 85? Nearly 90?

Imagine.... what does it look like? Feel like? Who will you be? And perhaps most importantly, who will you have journeyed with?

This is a glimpse of my idea:

a balance to be found between nature and technology, learning from biomimiking nature, where each of us is important and we have found different ways of interacting and creating together.... but just imagine for yourself. One thing is sure is that you will all contribute. Your ideas, actions and your voice are already influencing that future right now. Even not doing something is a choice. We're constantly creating the foundations for that future society of 2093... what do you want it to look like? What's important to you? Social justice? Innovation? Fashion? Sport? Ecology? Peace? Happiness?

We all have lots of ideas and that's why to me, diversity is today's wealth, whether people or nature, it's precious. It both supports us an allows us to evolve. This is the beauty of working together, not alone. Not because it's more hands on a task but exactly because not everyone things the way we do. The best solutions come from the meeting of many minds and disciplines. This being said, it takes respect and working a little to connect with and try to understand others' perspectives. That's not always easy so here's something to keep in mind...."

Grateful for the lovely feedback :

"Thank you for your presentation to our students which kicked off the 2021-22 School Year in the International Studies Program. We really enjoyed it and without question, the ambiance during our orientation afternoon was much calmer, more reflective than we have ever seen in the past. While some might have thought that it was due to a Monday back to school or cooler temperatures, most of us are convinced that it was due to your group mindfulness exercise, which gave each person an opportunity to catch their breath and focus on enjoying the day. We send you a heartfelt thanks for that!"

"Dear Nadia,

I add my appreciation for such an effective presentation at our opening assembly. You helped to get us started on a positive note where our students were reassured and motivated about moving forward together by looking after themselves and caring for others. I hope this is the first of many opportunities to have our staff and students interact with you! "

Ermitage IB Coordinators

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